The Stuckville Cafe

My contribution to the anthology Hot Apple Cider is the short story The Stuckville Cafe - which was included in this wonderful endorsement from Jane Kirkpatrick:

“Inventive and filled with grace, Hot Apple Cider is just what its name implies: an open door, a warm invitation, a friend when needed and least expected, a gentle calling toward a generous life. From the shores of Australia and a woman’s grief, to Romania and a choice we all must make, to the town of Stuckville anywhere in the world and a dozen other settings, in prose and poetry and non-fiction, these stories remind us that God draws us together and speaks to us uniquely and in community. If you’re looking for inspiration, something to breathe in for reassurance that you’re not alone, something to remind you to hear God’s voice in acts of compassion, spend an afternoon with Hot Apple Cider. It could just change your life.” Jane Kirkpatrick Award-winning author of All Together in One Place

Hot Apple Cider is available at Amazon, Amazon CA, Barnes and Noble, and everywhere you buy great books.

Read The Stuckville Café online.

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The Stuckville Cafe

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