10 Things I've Done (Really)

1) broke my finger 2) married a guy I met online 3) danced with a firefighter 4) owned an ice cream shop 5) went skinny dipping 6) got into trouble with mall security 7) cried at the end of Steel Magnolias 8) found a reason to live 9) visited a prison 10) wrote a book (or two)

Bonnie in a Nutshell

I started writing when my parents bought a spanking new typewriter, and I wanted to use it. It had automatic correction, a feature my teenaged enthusiasm embraced with vigor. I clacked out a very bad romance novel my mother loved, and have been pounding out ever improving prose since then.

I have a background in psychology, counseling, and theology. I worked in program development for families at risk and learned tons about God’s grace.

I’m endlessly fascinated by grace. All my writing, short stories, novels, non-fiction – the whole shebang - are explorations of God’s grace at work in the world.

I'm Mom to two young children, Benjamin, and Heather, and happily married to my soul mate Pastor Steve. We are happy Canadians.