Your Best You: Discovering and Developing the Strengths God Gave You

“Sometimes what you really need is to know what to do with everything you already know." Bonnie Grove

This is a true “how to” book, that will teach you to discover your strengths and how they work, then put them to work in every area of your life. Get ready for the journey of your life.

Read an excerpt from Your Best You: Discovering and Developing the Strengths God Gave You.

What people are saying:

How many times in life do I feel a desperate need to change? Whether it is to shed some pounds, be more faithful in personal devotions or bite my tongue in conversation, changing is really hard stuff. Bonnie Grove in Working Your Best You, turns the equation around. Instead of focusing on inabilities she presses us to work from the other starting point: build from your strengths. In this easy-to-access manual, we are led through the steps, in practical and life-altering ways. She enables those of us on the journey to begin the process, allowing God’s good creation to build from the sides of our abilities and gifting, ever outward. Rather than assume change is impossible, give this book a try. Brian C Stiller President, Tyndale University College & Seminary

Both Christians and other folks struggle at times to change our lives for the better. Bonnie Grove’s workbook Living Out of Your Strengths offers readers friendly advice, realistic examples and practical exercises for making a lifestyle change. Whether the goal is to break a bad habit or strengthen a difficult relationship, Grove’s book helps readers to define their goal and their personal, God-given strengths – and bring the two together. The book walks readers through a process of breaking down the goal into achievable steps and then applying a personal strength to each step. Using fill-in-the-blank charts, Grove makes it easier for readers to brainstorm about each step on the road to becoming more fully the individuals God is equipping us to be. This book can help meet the need that so many of us have for an insightful Christian friend who helps us grow. Bill Fledderus Senior Editor, Faith Today, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Writing instructor, Redeemer University College

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